SC Republican Caucus continues to chip away at the Jobs and Reforms Agenda

This week, the South Carolina Republican Caucus continued to chip away at its Jobs and Reforms Agenda. Here are some things you may have missed:

The ballot bill, sponsored by Senators Campsen, Martin, Cromer and Hayes, aiming to prevent another ballot issue, passed this week. The bill will make the requirements of incumbents and challengers equal. Incumbents and challengers will both be required to file a SEI by noon on March 30 for any year which there is a general election.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Department of Administration bill. The bill will abolish the Budget and Control Board and redistribute its divisions among the Department of Administration.

A deer baiting bill passed this week, as well as an alligator hunting bill. The deer baiting bill will allow hunters to hunt over bait, most often corn, throughout the entire state. For safety reasons and to reduce pressure on property managers, the alligator hunting bill extends the season for alligator hunting on private lands from Septembe r 1st to May 31st. Previously, the season was from September 1st to October 15th. The number of alligator hunting tags will not increase.

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