Senate sets two key bills for priority status

NDAA Nullification, Early Voting set for special order next week

The Senate Republican Caucus today announced a compromise on two key bills ending a longtime deadlock on moving forward with the legislation.

The two bills are set for special order, meaning they’ll be given priority status for debate next week. One bill, S.92, nullifies the enforcement of the federal National Defense Authorization Act that deals with unlimited detainment of any American citizen suspected of terrorism. The second bill, S.4, will provide for a limited period of early voting in South Carolina.

Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler praised the move:

“It’s a good day when we can both expand people’s access to the ballot box, and protect their constitutional rights against federal overreach all at the same time,” Peeler said. “This is a great compromise that will end the Senate’s deadlock on these bills, and make sure they’re given the consideration they deserve.”

Senator Tom Davis, sponsor of the NDAA nullification bill, agreed:

“If states don’t act, the federal government will continue its march over basic individual rights like due process,” Davis said. “It’s the appropriate role of the states to stand against federal overreach, and act as a constitutional check on unlimited federal power.”

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